Our story started in 1991 when an Independent Manufacture for carbonated beverages was founded in the family circle. Team work of the family and enthusiasm for innovations and further success has resulted in production expansion and introduction of technology for fruit juices, nectars and refreshing soft drinks.

In 2003 DUGA FRUIT came up with its own brand name DaGio for the first time in the market and in a short time attracted hearts of the most demanding customers. DUGA FRUIT has been maintaining the top quality of the products due to the constant innovative ideas in the production, the highest standards in the production process and strict product quality control system. DUGA FRUIT built up its position in the domestic market and has been making big steps in the markets in the surrounding countries as well as in EU countries.

In the late of 2003 DUGA FRUIT started:

  • Export business,
  • Modernization of processing process,
  • Employment of expert professional team eager to share joint ideas and energy,
  • Construction of new plants and storehouses,
  • Construction of company’s headquarter,
  • Investment in vehicles for save and faster distribution to customers.

Thus, in the first years of its existence the company created a basis for a sound, determined and steady company which set a goal to be among the top competitors in the market. In order to conquer new markets, both domestic and foreign, further plans of the company were further advancement, improvement and expansion of product range, technological improvement and maintenance of top quality products.

Therefore, in 2014 DUGA FRUIT expanded its range of new brands and products starting producing fruit drinks under the name “Sorriso” packed in 1L brick package and 0.2L glass bottles, and “Dan” juices packaged in TetraPak packaging volume 1.5L.

Today “DUGA FRUIT” is a mature family company with a goal to further develop maintaining the spirit of traditional family values.


Taking the significant position in range of filling and packing natural fruit juices.
Permanent professional trainings to meet market requirements and world innovations.

Expansion of new areas of packing and production capacities.
Incessantly exploring and discovering the wishes of consumers. We use the finest fruits to make the top quality juices which evoke consumer’s optimism and bring joy.
Today we can proudly announce that manufacturing plants of DUGA FRUIT d.o.o. is among the most credible technologies in the fruit processing industry.